Speedy Motorcycle™, founded in 2000, is a full-service design studio that specializes in creative direction, graphic design, copywriting, and illustration for all forms of print, packaging, advertising, corporate branding, and publication design. 

Running Some Press

Speedy Motorcycle™ in the News:
We are proud to be featured in a review for Tiny Dynamite's Perfect Blue:
“The first impressive aspect of the production of Perfect Blue, a play about an environmental disaster in the near future, is the carefully prepared program. Speedy Motorcycle Studio’s presentation and printing are, in themselves, enough to commend it. The contents of the 16-page brochure include a mini-glossary of genetic terms and a timeline of genetic discoveries, helping the audience become familiar with the technical terms that fly by in the play.”
Margaret Darby / Delco Culture Vultures
Read the full review here...

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Speedy Motorcycle™ in the Blogosphere:
Tiny Dynamite's new play, Perfect Blue, is brilliant! We loved designing all the print collateral for this Philadelphia-based theatre company — and they had some kind words about us and our design process in their blog:
“Considering content for the flyer for a show is an illuminating process. For Perfect Blue I worked alongside our Graphic Designer, Speedy Motorcycle Studio (www.speedymotorcycle.com), Director, David O’Connor, and Assistant Director, Maura Krause. Each of us offered up our insights of the world of the play as we currently know it. It’s a valuable process that allowed us to think visually about what the play actually is, without getting caught up in the text... The two images our brilliant graphic designer, June, ended up choosing feel like the perfect fit... I’m thrilled with the result and can’t wait to distribute the flyers... There is something thrilling about seeing a production take wings on paper. Maybe that is why they call it a ‘flyer.’” – Emma Gibson / Tiny Dynamite
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Speedy Motorcycle in a new Design Annual:
Look for Speedy Motorcycle in the upcoming American Graphic Design & Advertising Annual 31, published by HarperCollins, for our win, "Speedy Motorcycle Abstract Studio Logo." The hardcover book comes out in Dec 2017.